A happy reunion for Tony, the horse

Remember our lovely Tony? We have just reunited him with his former owner!

We recently discovered that Tony, originally named Star in Arabic, had previously belonged to a local young man called Gamal. Gamal had been away overseas for a couple of years training to be a nurse, leaving his parents to continue to care for Tony.

It transpired that Tony was stolen about six months ago. Gamal very recently returned home to Israel and his parents broke the news about the theft of his horse as they had been too worried about telling him whilst he was away. He immediately began to do all he could to try to trace his beloved horse and it didn't take too long to find out, through Facebook, that, to Gamal's huge relief, Tony had been found and saved. He was so thankful and grateful and said he wanted to contribute towards the cost of his treatment and for his time spent with us. He showed us old photographs of him and Tony together and it was lovely to see how well Tony had once looked. It was instantly clear to see there was a bond between this young man and the horse!

After a few days visiting him and seeing the treatment we were still giving Tony, Gamal signed a form to say he would continue the treatment back at home and that if he will ever encounter any problem with keeping Tony, then he will inform us immediately and we would take him back again.

It was of course very sad to see our beloved Tony go, and yet such a wonderful reunion for him and Gamal. We wish them the best and Gamal has promised to bring Tony to visit us once he will be able to be ridden again.

Since we have such limited resources and also a couple of fairly heavily pregnant donkeys, it is vital for us to be able to re-home some animals if we can, particularly horses who are generally more expensive to care for than donkeys.

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