Adopt a donkey

Many of our friends are waiting to be adopted by you, at the moment 37 donkeys and 4 horses. By symbolically adopting one of our dear ones  you contribute to its monthly expenses for delicious hay, fresh water, comfortable shelter and the urgently needed medication. Please understand that one donkey or horse can be adopted by several people at the same time. This is to make sure, that your chosen darling will always get what it needs for a happy retirement. The monthly costs for one donkey is about XX. You will receive an adoptation certificate with a picture and some information about your chosen animal. If you accepted the certificate as E-Mail attachment it would save us the postal fee and all of the amount could go directly to your adopted donkey.

The adoption fee is 20 GBP, 25 EUR or 100 ILS a year.

In the picture gallery below you will find some information about any of our loved ones who will be happy to be adopted by you. To browse through the gallery please click on the arrows in the picture.

To see how an adoptation certificate would look like, please click here. At the moment we can offer the certificate in English, Hebrew and German language.

Thank you so much for your generous help!