Undernourished and with infured legs - our new boy Alfredo

This is our dear latest rescued boy, Alfredo (aka Whitey Boy), he's taught himself to manage on three legs. 

Alfredo was found at the back of an Israeli Arab village, Tayibe, which runs into Palestinian villages. It's presumed he must have come from there and was perhaps abandoned due to his poor leg injury which we feel sure is a result of having been 'hobbled'. Hobbling is a method used to tether, by the legs, to allow the donkey to graze (not that there is much grazing at this time of year in these parts) but to stop him from being able to wander too far.


The problems arise when one leg is tethered to a post or similar and the material used to tether the leg is unsafe - we've even seen barbed wire used for this purpose and more often, very thin rope or string. The string or wire can work its way tighter and tighter around the leg, usually just above the hoof area, and eventually eat its way into the flesh.


We've seen many donkeys with these types of wounds and some have completely lost a hoof and/or lower limb as a result of it. Alfredo manages ever so well so has probably had this injury already for some time, but we are treating it daily against flies and with antiseptic and will see what our next step might be - either just keeping it clean and bandaging and dressing it or the vet may even consider a low amputation, but that can also leave wounds that never heal. 

We will see... At least Alfredo is safe, happy and loved now. He really is a wonderful, endearing and noble soul, only about five years old and apart from his poor old leg situation and being undernourished, he can't have been too badly treated by other humans, as he really trusts us and welcomes us as soon as he sees us.


As I mentioned a few days ago, as a result of the recent devastating fire, we are now preparing to move our whole sanctuary to a new, safer location and we really do need all the help we can possibly get to enable us to do that; and to continue to be here for these, and other beloved donkey souls, who so desperately need help. Please, please consider making a donation, however great or small, to our little Israeli non profit organization - 580615110 - to help look after our dear Alfredo and all our other donkeys. Click here to find out how you can help.

Alfredo before
Alfredo before
Alfredo happy now with his friends Bear and David