Another little donkey rescued and some pictures of our sanctuary

This little donkey came to us with twisted, broken and a bit overgrown hooves and she is also nearly completely blind, her vision is very limited. We have named her Jane.


She had apparently belonged to a woman who neglected her and then abandoned her. A neighbour then tried to sell her to somebody who wanted a donkey for children's rides. Thankfully she ended up coming to our little safe, peaceful sanctuary. The farrier trimmed her hooves back and she is now more comfortable, making friends and learning to find her way around.

Also a couple of photos of our long, handmade (by us!) feeding trough! Having now 21 donkeys, 6 horses and limited space, we really needed a feed area that could cope with that capacity when they are safely tucked up in their barn every night and it works a treat, the Donks all love it!


As always, I appeal to you to ask if you could please consider supporting our small organization so that our critical work can continue to make a difference in these places that are otherwise so dark and hopeless for the animals. And just so that we can continue to be here for those that we have saved and all those who still need us.

There are a few ways you can make a donation including setting up a monthly payment if you wish. No amount is too small and will help us tremendously.


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