Carrots galore!

Our new little charity may be small but it has a has big mission and a big heart! Almost every week we have nearly half a ton of carrots delivered for our donkeys completely free of charge!  ☺️

Our donkeys and horses have a real feast, as you'll see in the photographs, and we are so grateful to the Packing Company who have so kindly been donating carrots for our animals for many years. The only time we've had to pay is when carrots are more out of season here in Israel and they ask us to pay 100 shekels (that's £20 or $26) for half a ton!

Please keep supporting our little sanctuary... Please help make it possible for us to continue to provide the home for life that our animals rely upon us for... Please help enable us to be ready to accept all those who will need our help in the future.


You may donate via our UK or Israeli bank account - please contact us for account details or see our website for more information about donating by cheque. 

Or you can donate by debit or credit card via


Every donation, however small, will be very gratefully received.


Thank you!