Operation help the donkeys, educate the children

Please can you help?


We have found an excellent plot of land in the entrance to the Arab village of Qalansuwa! 


It is exactly what we need to start and to enable us to offer safety for abandoned donkeys and horses and care for those that are hurt, injured or abused that so desperately need us. It's three dunams in size (a bit less than 1 acre) with two good quality poly tunnels in place and one partially erected. The land is available immediately for a small annual fee of 4000 shekels (that's approximately £680 or $1045). The poly tunnels belong to somebody else, not the land owner and are available to buy for 6000 shekels (£1000 or $1500).


This little place has real potential and would be an excellent base for us to work from, both to treat and look after the working animals and, since it is bang in the centre of an area where there are so many children who routinely mistreat animals – Bedouin communities and schools, it would enable us to work miracles on the education front! We are trying to seek help and sponsorship from some of the local businesses in Qalansuwa in the hope that they may help us find the funds to rent this land. We need £2400 or $3680 to be able to take this wonderful opportunity and then have the peace of mind knowing the land would be ours for two whole years. It would also enable us to put up some sturdy fencing, clear the land and buy the poly tunnels that would then permanently be ours, meaning we could take them down and take them with us if and when the time would come to move on.


Thank you.