We were recently called out to Qalansuwa to help three little donkeys and a poor old horse.

Two of the donkeys, a mother and son, belonged to an elderly man who uses them for work and hadn't even thought that they might need their hooves trimmed. They had badly overgrown hooves and laminitis and our farrier, Lukman, trimmed their hooves and did his best, under the circumstances, to help ease their discomfort. Needless to say that their owner has now been re-educated and Lukman will do a follow up visit in another week or so.


​The other dear donkey belonged to a man who had been away and left a relative to 'look after' his donkey. The donkey is left free to roam a scrap yard area and sadly he had managed to get his leg entwined in some rope and wire which had eaten into his flesh. The owner called us to help and we treated and dressed the wound and will continue to check on him.

The dear horse… a desperately poor soul that we had to put down. He had been abused by children, was full of wounds and his mouth and teeth were in a very poor condition. Due to his age and to prevent him from further suffering, we felt the kindest thing was to let him go.


Even once he'd gone to rest though, the local children didn't have any respect for him. 


That is why it is so critical for us to continue our work to help these defenceless animals and do all we can to continuously promote the critical importance of care and compassion by enlightening and educating the owners and the children.