We could rescue a very, very poor boy - Zachariah

We've taken in a very poor boy whom I've named Zachariah. He was found in the North of Israel, the Golan Heights area. We know nothing about his history or who did what they did to him, for all we know he could even have somehow made his way across the border from Syria. 

Tragically he has had both eyes gouged out and we think we can see what look like old stab wounds on either side of his neck. 

I cannot even begin to imagine what he must have suffered and how he must feel. One moment you can see all the world around you and then the next... you fall into the wrong, evil hands and that's it.. You are left without eyes, no longer able to make sense of anything, just left in an isolated, painful, lost, fearful world where nobody can ever be trusted. 

He really needs prayers.


He is severely traumatised and justifiably set against humans and ready to defend himself at all costs. I'm already trying a few techniques to help him get familiar with his new surroundings but it's very early days and he needs a lot of hard work, perseverance, love and patience. 

He's also still an entire male and the vet is coming hopefully this week to do the operation. We hope that will contribute to reducing his nervousness in the following weeks. My heart aches and weeps for him and I pray he will start to come round soon.

Please help us to always be here for Zachariah and all the others who needs us and our sanctuary. Consider making a donation today, no amount is too small. Without your help, we would not be here for Zachariah and we would not be able to do our work. For ways to donate, please see our website.


Thank you ❤️

Zachariah with gouged-out eyes
Little Zach in his safe stable