And baby number 4

Our darling Apples finally gave birth: Meet dear tiny Angelo!

He looks like a little Angel... He has a beautiful curly white coat and is so cute as he nearly falls asleep standing up.

Mama is fiercely protective so it's not always that easy yet to get so close. Apples is a very nervous little donkey as she was horrendously abused before she found us last year. 
See her photo here of when she was found injured and bleeding and had to be lifted by a crane to the safe side of a fence for her own protection. Her injured leg is thankfully now completely healed.

If you would like to support our non profit organisation to rescue, provide a safe home and infinite love and care for those who so need help here in Israel and the Palestinian West Bank, please consider to make a donation.


Thank you ❤️🙏

Apple's dramatic rescue
Angelo with protective mama Apples
Angelo with protective mama Apples