Arrival number 2 - Little dear Helen

Our wonderful, clever Elsa gave birth to her beautiful baby Helen on 21st February, and what a marvelous mummy she is... Elsa came to us last year having already conceived.
Little Helen is a gorgeous girl with a coal dark velvet coat and our other baby, Bilbo is already eyeing her enthusiastically knowing he'll soon have a playmate his own size!

As always, I appeal to you to remember how desperately needed our work here in Israel and the Palestinian West Bank is. Both our little rescue sanctuary where we are able to take in homeless, abandoned, neglected and injured donkeys and our outreach mission to reach out and help hard working donkeys and horses in the Palestinian West Bank and try to do all that we can to teach their owners.

Our work is critical and so is your support to enable us to continue to be here and do it.
Thank you for your amazing support, it is deeply valued, we are so grateful.


Thank you ❤️

Little Helen and protective mami Elsa
Little Helen getting bigger