Emergency rescue of a horse in the city of Tayibe


We were called out the other evening to an emergency by the municipal vet of nearby Arab village, Tayibe, here in Israel, to help a horse.

The poor boy had been stuck in a muddy, flooded ditch for days, he was very weak and starving and had to be airlifted out (sadly not so professionally) by a local man with a JCB, but at least he was lifted out to safety. When we got there, there were lots of men hanging around and watching, including a fire crew and a couple of policemen who were trying to get the horse to drink water from a syringe.

We tended to a few wounds he’d sustained, which were fortunately just superficial and we set him up so we could administer a few liters of IV fluid therapy to help with the dehydration. 

Luckily with help from a lady we know, Sharon, who is very active helping all animals in Israel, we were able to arrange to take the horse for a few days to a safe place where he’s receiving ongoing intensive treatment.


He is doing well at his temporary foster home and receiving all the care and veterinary attention he needs and a home will be found for him once he’s recovered. 

There was actually a man in the village of Tayibe who was really helpful during the rescue process and had said he would willingly give the horse a home when he’s stronger. He was a good man and seemed to genuinely care and said to us that if he would take him, we would be welcome to go to check on him whenever we want so we can see how well he will take care of him.


We were only able to go to help this dear horse thanks to the generosity of those kind people who support us.

We do everything in our power to help and protect donkeys and horses who need us and we need to do everything in our power to ensure we’ll always be here to continue providing that critical help. To do this we desperately need your continued support, so please help us by making a donation, however large or small, it will be so deeply appreciated.

Thank you so much ❤