Goody-bye, dear Samson

We lost our dear old Samson on 11th December. He was very elderly and he'd had a very hard life of suffering before finally being rescued by us a few months ago. He suffered a stroke and could not move and we very sadly had to take the decision to euthanize him.


We have to take comfort in the fact that the last few months of his life were spent with us, where he was safe and very content and very much loved.

Thank you to all those of you who so kindly made it possible for us to rescue him and give him a life of love for a little while, you give hope to this sad world.


Goodbye little Samson, thank you for gracing us with your presence for that short time... 
Rest In Peace little sweet old man.

Samson when we found him
Samson after two months with us
Rest in peace, little one