Our outreach clinic working in the Bedoiun camp, Al Razaz

This Bedouin camp sits on a little hill just south west of the Palestinian city of Qalqilya. Both the people and their animals live in the most squalid, insalubrious conditions contrasting vastly with the fact that the view in the near distance, reveals the tall buildings of the high tech companies in the affluent city of Herzliya.

The children have no concept of the fact that any of their animals are sentient beings despite the fact that they rely upon them so heavily for their everyday needs and livelihood. They keep many, many cows and bulls there too, some roaming free, others enclosed in areas with the most makeshift 'fences' created out of old, ripped sofas, bits of broken gates, boxes, metal sheets... And apart from the donkeys, horses and cattle, there are goats, sheep, chickens, timid looking dogs, the odd scrawny little cat here and there..
We try hard to give them as much help as we are able to with their horses and donkeys and even though it's an effort to even hear yourself above the excited screams and shouts from the often barefoot children, we consistently try to encourage them to relate to the true nature of their donkeys and the love they are capable of giving them...


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