Our first rescue - Prince the horse

On 13th October we rescued our first little horse for our new charity! We had been called to a nearby Arab village, Qalansuwa, to check a horse. We had been told it had an injured back leg, wounded mouth and had been abandoned and would probably need to be euthanized. We had pre-arranged to meet a vet there just in case but when I got there and saw him, he started to eat the carrots I had taken for him with such great enthusiasm. I saw that despite his injuries and obvious neglect, he was a young strong stallion with character and spirit. He has a wise face and eyes that know all that there is to know… He was so gentle; I just knew we must give him a chance. 


He has an old injury to his right back leg that has healed itself and he has an old injury to the left side of his mouth, he has no upper lip, but again it has long since healed over. I walked him back to the home of one of our former employees, Lukman, now volunteering to help us at least until we have raised some funds and will be in a position to raise enough to pay him a small wage. 


This is true for all our small team of staff, I feel so moved by that fact and indebted to each one of them, Arabs and Jews. To know they are so kindly doing this, despite the current worsening political conflict, for the sake of helping animals, for genuine love and because they believe in me and my mission, is a reason for faith to be restored in humanity. Lukman lives on the other side of Qalansuwa and owns his own Arabian stallion and had kindly agreed to provide our horse with fresh hay, cool water and a soft place to sleep and live, at least temporarily.


We decided to name this lovely horse Prince, he is a dark chestnut colour with a white blaze down his face and is gentle and friendly. We will most probably consider gelding him sometime soon depending upon how he will manage in his new safe surroundings. Due to bad weather, we recently transported Prince to our West Bank Qalqilya centre where it is well sheltered and dry. But we are praying that we will be able to raise the £2400 needed to rent the land and shelter in Qalansuwa to enable us to put our 'Operation Help the Donkeys, Educate the Children!' into practice. 


We could then also rehome Prince there along with others like him and commence our project to make our best efforts to instil gentleness and love in the hearts of local children. We will aim also to bring Arab and Jewish children together. 

Please help us to help them. Thank you.