Tragic case of a badly wounded horse in Qalansuwa

Recently we were called to try to help this poor little filly who had apparently slipped down into a shallow ravine during severe weather. We found her in a horrific state not far from where our new little Haven and education centre is soon to open. It transpired that she had been ridden excessively by local children a few days prior to this accident, despite the fact that she had a fracture in her shoulder.

Upon falling she had obviously hit her eye and head on a solid concrete wall and then struggled to unsuccessfully try to raise herself up. She did manage to stand and get up with our help and walk a little way to eat some fresh green grass but her suffering was so great that we felt all we could do was comfort her as our vet humanely euthanized her.

Our special Qalansuwa man, Lokman spent critical time with the children involved – local Bedouin boys aged between about 7 and 13 years – telling them why what they had done was so wrong and how a precious life had been lost as a result of their behaviour. They did listen and show remorse and we vowed to ensure they will be among the first to come and spend some time with us at our Helen and Hoskins Haven for Donkeys in Qalansuwa.


This dear little horse is yet just another critical reason why we are so desperately needed here and the needless and tragic loss of her life will not be in vain.