Our Helen and Hoskins Haven for Donkeys in Qalansuwa

We are tremendously happy to be able to share the fact that our wonderful little sanctuary and education centre is in its final stages in preparation for opening! It is located in the Arab village of Qalansuwa and it will serve as our main base for our 'Operation Help the Donkeys, Educate the Children'.

'Hoskins' was a little donkey whom I rescued from Qalansuwa after he'd been beaten so hard by children with a metal bar that he had a hole in his back. He tragically later died of tetanus and respiratory difficulties. I had been preparing to open The Hoskins Centre for Donkey Welfare Education in Qalansuwa back in June last year just before my employment was ended. At that time, we had planned to use a small plot of land belonging to one of our very dear staff who lives in Qalansuwa. Sadly, after I left it was not pursued, but now, it will happen after all and I am so happy because I never, ever wanted for little Hoskins to have died in vain.


We have done a lot of work like clearing the land and erecting a secure fence and covering the poly tunnels and we are now working on putting electricity there and various other little bits and pieces to get it all ready to house our already rescued 5 donkeys – Gideo, Mac, Lila, Ian and baby Fresco - and our 2 horses, Prince and Goldie. The bad weather has meant we have had to stop and start a lot so it has taken us longer than anticipated but we are all so excited and so are many of the children living nearby! We already have a few schools who are eager to arrange trips to visit us particularly for Arab and Jewish children together.


Luckily there is a lot of surrounding land that is available for rent should we need to expand in the future, as that is one of my concerns knowing the amount of animals in need. I have total faith that everything will be alright and that all we need to be able to continue to help those desperate animals, will be provided. I believe that with our dedication and perseverance, we will reach out and do all that we can to bring positive change to the hearts and minds of the children in the local communities and instil within them a little love, understanding, tolerance and compassion.