Amazing healing

Back in late December we told the story and showed the photos of a young filly from Qalqilya, whom we were called to help after she had ripped a hole in her chest when she had allegedly collided with a sharp metal object. Our dear volunteer vet, Dr Ahmad Amad went with us at night to treat her. He worked very hard for several hours to remove the old and inadequate stitches after she had been incorrectly treated by another vet, and wash and debride the area from all the dead tissues. He finished by applying antibiotic solution and antiseptic ointment and bandaging the area.


The following day she was brought to our Qalqilya medical centre for continued treatment and recovery. She remained with us for just over a month and as you will see by the photographs below, we are so thankful that she recovered so beautifully. We are deeply grateful to Dr Ahmad for his precious time, brilliant work and commitment and feel indebted to him and our other three amazing volunteers.


I dearly wish to be able to pay them for their time as they work so hard and I cannot expect them to volunteer indefinitely. They help us to make the difference between life and death for so many animals...


If you are able to to make a donation towards our work we would be eternally grateful.

Thank you so much!