Two little donkey brothers

I just have to share with you these two adorable little well behaved, very hard working donkey brothers.

They stood in the middle of a very busy road, harnessed to their cart, with traffic roaring past them and they were as good as gold.

They later came to our Qalqilya centre where I fed them carrots and gave them water and tended a minor wound on the white boy's back and in return I got this beautiful donkey kiss...

I couldn't bear to let them go... I would have done anything to be able to keep them.

One of the saddest things here in the Palestinian West Bank, is that there is so much constant trading of donkeys and horses between the owners. They just can't grasp the concept that animals who have lived and worked together will often have become deeply attached to each other... As a result they often just get separated without ever knowing what may have become of each other. We do try to explain this but when money is involved of course tragically nothing else matters.