Tragic examples

I apologise for the fact that these photos are very upsetting.

These are two tragic examples of what can and does often happen here.

We were called to help this poor little donkey and horse, both of whom had been hit by vehicles. The little donkey was on the main road entering Qalqilya (the very same place where we had rescued our little Lila the donkey a few weeks earlier, as she ran frantically back and forth across that road).

The dear horse was in the Arab village of Qalansuwa and although we were called to both cases, their injuries were so severe that they died very soon after the accidents. 

I pray for their precious souls and I pray that we will be able to continue to do all we can to be there for these dear animals who so desperately need us. There have been times when we have been able to save the lives of some animals who had been involved in road traffic accidents.