Another little rescue - Goldie the foal

We were called to rescue this poor little 4 month old filly, who we've named Goldie, from nearby Arab village of Qalansuwa.

She had been abandoned and left out all alone in the recent terrible storm we experienced and was found stuck in deep mud. Ideally she needs her mummy as she is under nourished but after we made extensive enquiries we could not trace any owner or her mother.


Luckily though, Goldie is eating solid feed so that does help. Due to the bad weather and the fact that the Qalqilya land owner is allowing us to use his land and buildings rent free for a month or so, we have just transported both Goldie and our other rescue, our old boy Prince, to the Qalqilya centre. It is dry and well sheltered there and I used some birthday money to buy a 50 kilo sack of grain! A local farmer has pledged to donate a big bale of hay soon so that will help greatly and our volunteer, Khaled, is looking after Goldie and Prince's daily needs.


If you or somebody you know can help us look after Goldie and Prince, and other horses and donkeys like them, by making a donation to Lucy’s Sanctuary for Holy Land Donkeys, we would be extremely grateful. Thank you!