Introducing our new boy and girls now living at our little sanctuary,

We have two mothers and daughters - Crystal and Bella and Grace and Ella. (Grace and Ella are not yet with us but will be in the next day or two).

And a very dear older chap whom we've named Thomas.


Crystal and Bella were found wandering abandoned along a busy main road. Grace and Ella actually belonged to an old man who is no longer able to keep them - they both have terrible hoof problems after such neglect.


Thomas is partially blind and was found abandoned on a road in Qalansuwa not far from our sanctuary. He had thin string tied so tightly around his neck it had started to get embedded in his flesh but luckily he seemed to reach us just in time. It took us quite a while to encourage him to allow us to remove the string...


See also some great photos taken inside and outside our new sanctuary!


We still have not completed everything yet ready for our official opening simply because we have had to rely solely upon voluntary help so nothing has been as fast as we had hoped but we are getting there and we anticipate that we will be ready for our official opening at the start of April! We do desperately need to be able to pay at least our one main member of staff so if you are able to help in any way we would be so, so grateful.