Saying goodbye to beautiful Silver

Tragically we have had to put down one of the little horses that we'd rescued, Silver.

We had hoped against hope that despite his terrible trauma to his body's most sensitive part, he would make it with medical treatment and our tender loving care. But sadly it wasn't to be, his old age and weakness was against him. But we have to take some sort of comfort in the fact that at least he had a few days with us and finally experienced some love and gentleness, food, water and safety at the end of his twenty years of life.

It means his little close companion, Nijme, is now left without him but we gave her time with him so that she would understand he had gone...

Our little Fresco the naughty donkey is of course growing by the day and is full of donkey mischief! He has his favorite spots in the garden and he usually joins us on a long daily dog walk! People love seeing him trotting along on a leash with a skip and a buck here and a frolic there.

I also want to tell you about our newly rescued donkey, beautiful Bear.

His owner was arrested by Israel Border Police, and Bear was then passed by the police to an army outpost where the soldiers found themselves stuck with a donkey they didn't know what to do with.

We were called to the rescue and took Bear back to our little sanctuary. He is a beautiful soul.

He's in a good condition and is so friendly. He sort of resembles a big brown bear so we decided to name him 'Bear Grylls' after the British Adventurer and TV presenter.


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