Little Star the horse and Carrots the donkey

Very sadly we had to take the decision to let our little Star (Nijme) go.


We rescued her a couple of weeks ago with her companion Silver. Both had been so badly neglected and abused and Silver's condition deteriorated so rapidly that we had to euthanize him a couple of days later. Dear Star too, although we tried to treat her leg and hoof it was just too badly damaged and it became too much of a struggle for her to move around.


We try to take comfort in the fact that they at least experienced love, kindness and plentiful food before they left this world and they are now buried next to each other.


Three days ago we were called by a lovely, very caring lady named Galit, living in a settlement called Oranit. Oranit literally borders with many Palestinian villages and towns and there are often donkeys abandoned there or those that can be seen working and often severely mistreated. Galit and her little daughter, Nooni, had found little Carrots, also nicknamed Nooni, along with another little injured donkey at night and went to great lengths to organize somebody to help get them from one side of the fence to their safe side. Somebody apparently from the Ministry of Agriculture arrived that night and took the injured donkey away to treat the wounded hoof but Galit was upset as she said the healthy donkey had tried to alert somebody to help her injured friend and they should not have been separated.


We are in contact with the Ministries of Agriculture and Environment to try to organize reuniting little Carrots and her friend as soon as possible. Meanwhile of course we took Carrots back to our sanctuary in Qalansuwa. She is very sweet and loving despite having been terrified of people at first. When I first went to her to meet her and say hello, I had a bag of carrots in my hand and she ate them all with such delight and as though she had never tasted them before so we thought Carrots could be a good name for her! 


Please help us to help them...


Thank you...!