Simon the Cat, Danny the Donk and the Critters

Just to share with you our little new cat, Simon, whom we saved when we found him abandoned and starving in a supermarket in the Arab village of Qalansuwa. He's completely adorable and the calmest puss ever. He takes everything in his stride and these photos were taken on his way home from the vets after having been neutered.


And... Our donkeys aren't the only long ears around, we have little bunnies too and guinea pigs. Our two adult bunnies whom we thought were two females suddenly produced 5 babies... We are now waiting for our vet to get back to us with a price for fixing them all.


And lastly our little Danny the Donkey... Just a little 5 month old boy, he was brought to us by his owner a few nights ago, with a severe rectal prolapse. The owner had used a vet to try to replace everything but they hadn't succeeded and by the time that little donkey was with us he was in extreme discomfort and distressed and exhausted. Thankfully the vet managed to expertly replace the rectum, it was a close call though and we need to watch him carefully.


Thank goodness though now, 3 days later, he is doing well, recovering and showing very positive signs without any re-occurrence. The owner has asked us if we will keep him and continue to care for him which of course we gladly will. ☺️


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Thank you very much. ❤️