Farewell, little Danny

With great sadness we had to take the decision to let little Danny go... One of our recent rescues, he came to us initially with a rectal prolapse. The vet thankfully managed to successfully treat that and it didn't bother him again but we soon began to wonder if he may have had other health problems such as some sort of weak bone disease.


A few days ago when I was grooming him, as I looked down I suddenly saw that his hoof on his left front leg was literally detached from his leg. There was a little bit of blood and slight pus a bit further up than the hoof area and we just did not know what on earth could have caused it. Lokman, our fellow staff member, was absolutely mystified as when he'd arrived that morning Danny had been fine, all four feet intact. The vet said the hoof was separating from the leg and he treated the wound area and made a little sort of splint to hold everything together and prescribed the relevant painkillers and antibiotics etc. So we followed his instructions rigidly and even managed to obtain some special plaster from an orthopedic man we know, ready to make a cast for the leg when we'd next change the splint.


Danny and Fresco adored each other and were together nearly all the time, often roaming free around the shelter in the day and sharing a stable at night. Then yesterday, we suddenly noticed that Danny had another big wound and possible fracture at the back of the same leg... It was a mystery. There was absolutely nothing in the vicinity that could have caused such a trauma.


The only thing that we do know is that apparently he originally suffered the rectal prolapse because his legs (one front leg and one back leg) were tangled in some rope which, during his presumed attempts to break free, caused him undue stress which resulted in the rectal prolapse. For all we know, and this story comes only from a man who said he'd seen him in that state, he may have damaged his legs in some way or maybe he'd hit them against concrete or it could be anything really.


But the damage to that little leg in the end was so severe that the vet said there were only two options, either amputate the leg or euthanize him. We did think about a high amputation only to be able to preserve his young little life but of course he was suffering and we did not know if there may have been any similar damage caused to his back leg. Also if the rectal prolapse would ever repeat itself and cause future problems, his little life could then end up very miserable.


So, very sadly we decided to let him go. God bless his little sweet soul.


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