Some of our sanctuary residences

We urgently need funds if we are to continue our work to help these precious animals.


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We have four little goats rescued from slaughter and our beautiful new rescue donkey, Elsa, whom we believe is pregnant. Elsa was found wandering around the streets in an Industrial area in the town of Hadera. Fortunately, she was taken in by a kind man who called us for help. Elsa had a little sign tied around her neck with a phone number and a warning not to touch her as she bites... She doesn't. She's a gentle little soul. We did call the number over the course of a few days but nobody ever answered.


As for the goats - we took them in to save them and dear little Fresco has taken quite a liking to them and seems to insist on eating only with them! Maybe because, except for one, they are all more his own size!