Reunited: Donkeys Carrots and Apples

A few weeks ago we were called to rescue 2 little donkeys from the settlement of Oranit here in Israel. One of them had an injured leg and her little friend alerted people for help as, at the time, they were on the Palestinian side of the fence. Fortunately for them a very kind lady worked hard to ensure they would be moved to the safe side of the fence, at least where they could be taken care of and treated. A crane was actually called in to lift the injured donkey to safety as she was not able to walk all the way around the perimeter fence to enter the village.


However, it seemed another person had already called the Ministry of Agriculture as somebody turned up to take the injured donkey away despite their rescuer's protests. The following day we went to take dear Carrots, as we called her, and bring her safely back to our little sanctuary. Of course though, she missed her little friend so we did all we could over the following weeks to bring them back together again.


Finally the determination paid off, we had been in touch with a man from the Agriculture Ministry and he eventually agreed and arranged for the donkey to be transported to a certain point where we could pick her up and transport her back to our sanctuary.


We decided to call her Apples and although Carrots had made lots of new friends whilst they'd been apart, she and Apples were very happy to find each other again and still have a special bond - they also look very much like each other, both have browny colored curly coats... ❤️