Charlie, the blind horse

We came across this dear old blind boy in the Palestinian town of Qalqilya. He belonged to a rough, heavy handed horse dealer whom we had not met before. He was being made to gallop through busy streets heavy with traffic despite his blindness and when we brought him into our little treatment clinic, he was so thirsty he drank three buckets of water.


Khaled, our Volunteer Qalqilya manager, talked with the dealer owner at length and tried appealing to him to not work the horse due to his poor eyesight and age. It seemed to fall on deaf ears but the next thing we knew the horse had been abandoned by the roadside...


So... Charlie is his name and he is now safely back at our small sanctuary in Qalansuwa making friends. Stormcat, our big horse took him under his wing immediately as he tends to do with all newcomers - we call him the Great Comforter.


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Thank you.


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