Goodbye, old man

Just to let you know that we have finally been able to let this precious boy go peacefully by an injection of euthanasia.


The owner saw there was no improvement but to our great sadness and disappointment, he had started talking about sending him in the bucket of a tractor, off to Qalqilya zoo to be kept there suffering without food or water, until they'd be ready to slaughter him. I have also found out that the method of slaughter at the zoo is the same as for animals killed for meat in the halal/kosher way. The carcass is then given to the carnivorous animals.

We could not believe how this owner had been crying because he was so attached to the horse and didn't want him to die, only to then decide it would be acceptable for him to go off to the zoo in exchange for 150 shekels ($39 or £30)..

What a sad world this is.

Thank God, we managed to convince him to do the right thing...