Ian - Before and after

A few little before and after photographs of our lovely little Ian the donkey.

We first found Ian, a small donkey, thirsty, hot and exhausted as he was pulling his cart carrying three boys uphill on a main road bear Qalqilya in the West Bank. He was badly beaten and wounded and so afraid of people that he flinched. When we did manage to touch him, at first he tried to bite and we saw that the tips of his ears had been cut off. Sadly this can be a common practice in the Middle East for male donkeys - it's believed that cutting a male donkey's ears will make them calm...

Luckily for Ian, we ended up being able to save him from his miserable existence and eventually get him back to our Sanctuary. The kids had beaten him so hard and relentlessly with a heavy blunt wooden stick, that he had a hole in his back which turned into an abscess. It was hard treating it because it caused him so much pain but with a little local anesthetic and lots of love and patience, Ian is now a changed little boy and his wounds are fully healed.

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