An extremely tragic day

With a deeply hurting heart I have to warn you that one of the images here is upsetting and for that I apologise. However, it is important to show the reality of what we are too often up against and I'd ask you please to pray if you can.

We made a terrible discovery this evening of the bodies of two little dogs, who had been tortured, bludgeoned, killed and then dumped not far from our sanctuary in Qalansuwa.
Our dear sanctuary helper Lokman, who has such a kind, loving heart, dug a grave and picked up the two lifeless little bodies and buried them.

This heinous crime has shocked and sickened us all and Lokman is taking it up with the local Imam of the mosque and word is out to try to find those that did this.

Against all the odds, we must soldier on for the sake of those two little souls... And also for our beloved donkeys and horses.

We rescued another little donkey today, a female whom we've named Grace... Grace has badly crippled hooves and has been separated from her mother with whom she has lived all her life, therefore they share a deep bond. So, whilst she settles in at our sanctuary and makes new friends, we are on a mission to secure her mother's rescue too..

As always, our heartfelt thanks to those who so kindly help to keep our critical work going and we appeal for your continued support. 

Thank you..