Another little soul

I am so sorry for the distressing photos of this little soul...

We were called out tonight to Qalqilya to euthanize him. He had a fractured front leg and lacerations on his body, all of which had been sustained some time ago.

The Bedouin owner was set against us euthanizing him, he wanted to send him off to the Qalqilya zoo for slaughter just so that he could get his 200 shekels/£40/$53 in exchange for handing over his animal to be used to feed the carnivores. We did manage in the end to euthanize him humanely and he went peacefully.


What a shocking world this is, such greed and such evil.

The saddest thing is that there is no way we can compete with that zoo. There is no way we can offer to pay owners 200 shekels so that we can give their animal a humane end to their suffering... The humane veterinary drug that we use costs us money of course, £20/$26 per bottle, also this one little horse was just one we happened to know about.


My heart just weeps for those that are barbarically transported through the busy streets of Qalqilya to a most cruel, undignified death at the zoo, I just pray that death comes as quickly as possible, no more suffering.

Please consider helping us to help horses and donkeys like this.

Thank you...