Meet dear Tony

Once again I apologise for these shocking photos and I warn anybody easily upset to quickly bypass this post. Tragically, just because it's easier not to look at these terrible cases, it doesn't make them stop and at least take heart that fortunately for this precious soul, we found him and we are helping him. Whether we will have to end up giving him a humane end we are not sure yet.


This male horse, despite his injuries and what he must have suffered at the hands of so called humans, still has spirit and even after having been so unbearably hurt and abused, he stood so quietly and allowed us to treat him, cleaning his injuries and open wounds and allowing us to gently debride each one and apply a miracle worker wound ointment from the UK called Sudocrem, mixed together with an injectable antibiotic solution - it's been known to work wonders with past similar, even worse, cases we've had over the years. We also gave him antibiotics and painkillers of course.

We know absolutely nothing about this dear boy, we just found him standing with an old rope tied around his neck on the back roads in Qalansuwa, a few miles from our little sanctuary. Clearly he has been severely and harshly beaten and I feel that we found him just in time as he wanted to just give up on life. As he allowed me to clean and dress the deep wounds above his eyes he honestly looked me right in the eye, so trustingly. Again, take heart that he is now in a comfy stable with fresh hay and water and no more suffering.

One of our dear little rescue dogs took to dear Tony immediately and we left her snuggled down near him in his stable. It made us wonder whether they had originally been living at the same 'home' perhaps... Apart from donkeys and horses, many dogs find their way to our sanctuary. It's definitely due to our location because dogs do not fare well in that society and they seem to sense our 'long ears' Haven is there and head straight for us knowing they'll receive food, water and love.

Thank you to all those who so generously support us and help to make our critical rescue work possible and of course to all those dear people who so kindly supply us with the amazing Sudocrem. We would never want to be without it.

Please help us to take care of these dear souls in desperate need... 


Thank you.