Three gorgeous little donkeys

Apart from our dear old rescued horse called Prince, whom we found injured and abandoned on a deserted road in the nearby Arab village of Qalansuwa - and then the little filly a week later, Goldie, who was found in the same village in a flooded area stuck in deep mud – we have also just rescued our first three little donkeys!


Little Mahmoud the donkey (Mac for short) is an incredibly cute, very young male donkey who was found abandoned in Qalqilya. 


Lila, a small, young female whom we found terrified as she was desperately trying to avoid speeding trucks and cars on the busy road into Qalqilya – it took us a few attempts over the course of 5 days to try to catch her and each attempt had heart stopping moments as she had a few very lucky escapes from oncoming traffic. Qalqilya is not a place where drivers would automatically slow down for a donkey…


And lastly, Gideon who is a lovely, young male donkey who turned up at an Israeli settlement after his Palestinian owner had to abandon his donkey and cart when he was pursued by the Israeli army.

All three donkeys are now safely at our Qalqilya centre along with Prince and Goldie and a couple of other horses who are currently convalescing there – one after a car accident and one who suffered a terrible chest injury after colliding with a sharp metal object. We will most likely move our donkeys to our new little centre in Qalansuwa as soon as it will be open – The Helen and Hoskins Haven for Donkeys in Qalansuwa.