One little creature - Part 2 (happy end)

The little beaten Donkey that we treated by the road side is now SAFE with us and we've named him Ian!

A few days ago I posted a story about the poor little creature that we had seen on our way to Al Razaz. He had been beaten so harshly with such a big stick of wood and we treated him there and then by the side of the busy, main road. We tried our best, in what little time we had, to encourage and convince the young boys who owned him to be more gentle and bring him to our Qalqilya centre for proper treatment and they promised that they would.

Yesterday, when we were on our way to work in Qalqilya, we received a call telling us that the little donkey had been abandoned by the boys at a nearby sort of makeshift garden centre, near to where he'd been when we'd tried to help him. We went immediately and found him tethered to a post. The poor little donkey had a big abscess that had formed in the hole in his back where the boys had repeatedly beaten him.


We organized transport to take him straight to our Qalqilya centre where our vets had to work quite intensively on him to rid him of all the infected tissues and pus and treat him with antibiotics - we had to mildly sedate him as it hurt him, such a sensitive little area.


He is now, thank goodness, safely with us, hopefully to stay permanently. I left him yesterday quite happily munching on his hay in his little stable area. His treatment will be ongoing obviously, but now the bigger challenge will be to try to find those boys again and somehow work on them, because my fear is that they'll now just get another donkey and treat him in the same way.