A new little surprise - Baby Sam

26th of March is Mother's Day in the UK and though I'm British, we certainly have something to celebrate here in Israel with our very own little Mothers and Baby Unit!


Here is our latest new addition, little Sam born to his mama, Jane. We rescued dear Jane late last year after she'd been abandoned because she was blind and unwanted, she had of course already conceived by then.


She was a little bewildered by giving birth but she is proving to be a wonderful, careful, caring mummy and her little Sam is just the most exquisite tiny soul. He's a gorgeous sort of vanilla, apricot white with little dark ears and legs and the most beautiful dark eyes. He of course has some great little friends in Bilbo and Helen and our Apples is still heavily pregnant so no doubt another foal will join very soon.


If you would like to support our non profit organisation to rescue, provide a safe home and infinite love and care for those who so need help here in Israel and the Palestinian West Bank, please consider making a donation.


Thank you ❤️🙏

Little Sam with loving mama Jane
Little Sam and Lucy