Treating hard working donkeys in the Palestinian city of Qalqilya

Just look at this poor, poor little soul... A hard working donkey in the Palestinian city of Qalqilya, right on the border with Israel. He belongs to an elderly man of about 80 years, who uses him to go to and from Market and for agricultural work out in the fields and course this is now the time of year here for cutting the grass to make bales. The owner came to us for help claiming that his donkey had stopped eating nearly a week ago and he did not know what could be wrong. 

Our vet used the mouth gag in order to be able to open the donkey's mouth properly to have a good look. He couldn't believe what he saw.. That poor donkey's mouth and lower gum area was full of sharp heads of wheat and splinters that had embedded themselves, gone rotten and caused a terrible infection. No wonder that poor creature could not eat. 😔 Just terrible.


The vet sedated the donkey a little so he could clear everything out, clean it all and dose him up with antibiotics and painkillers. At least he went off home feeling a little more comfortable and will hopefully now improve. We will of course be checking on him to make sure he is healing and getting back to eating normally. 

As I always say, we could not have helped this soul without your desperately needed support, so please consider making a donation to our Israeli registered non-profit organization, Lucy's Sanctuary for Holy Land Donkeys - registration number 580615110.


Thank you ❤️