Did you know ...?


Donkeys are probably the most underestimated animals in the world. With their quiet and stoic behaviour, many people do not realise what intelligent, sensitive, wise and loyal little creatures they truly are.

1. Did you know that donkeys have excellent memories? They are capable of remembering a place they have been to or other donkeys they met 25 years ago! 

2. A donkey will never get involved in an activity if it considers it to be unsafe.

3. With proper care and love, a donkey can live for more than 40 years.

4. Donkeys are not stubborn at all. In case they sense something wrong while traveling, they will simply not move ahead and will start digging in their heels. This is a behavior out of their intelligence. This behavior has made people think that donkeys are stubborn.

5. Donkeys originate from the desert areas in the Middle East and Africa and are anatomically well equipped to survive in those conditions.

6. A donkey is capable of hearing another donkey from a distance of 60 miles (97 km) in proper desert conditions. This is possible because of their large ears.

7. Their large ears also help to keep them cool in the hot and arid desert climate.

8. Compared to horses, donkeys are very capable of independent thinking and decision making ensuring their safety.

9. Donkeys hate rain! Their coat is not waterproof and staying out in rain for a long period actually damages their health.

10. Just like with chimps and monkeys, donkeys in a herd will groom each other and keep themselves clean.

11. Donkeys are capable of utilizing 95% of an entire meal they eat. This is because they are basically desert animals. In desert areas food is scarce and wasting food is not a luxury in those areas.

12. Donkeys get depressed very easily when left alone. That is the reason why they live in herds.

13. Donkeys and horses have same gait but donkeys are rarely seen running. Deserts being their native climate, donkeys probably saw running as unnecessary in high temperature. This instinct of not running has stayed with them since their evolution.

14. In opposite to horses a donkey hardly shows any pain until it is too late. This is why they are often so terribly abused. As a donkey owner you should always watch your donkey for changes in behaviour to not miss signs of sickness or uncomfortability.

15. A donkey should not carry more than approximately 20 to 25 % of its own bodyweight to stay healthy.

16. Donkeys can build up very strong relationship to another donkey friend. If one partner dies, the other one may grief for a very long time.

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