Emergency Horse Rescue

I am broken hearted to have to report that the poor dear horse that we’d helped rescue from the muddy ditch a few days ago, has passed away.

We’d had high hopes for him and somebody had already offered him a good home once he would have recovered, but tragically it wasn’t to be. 
After the first two days of his recovery treatment he suddenly showed signs of severe colic and the vet noticed that he was excreting a lot of sand.
They tried in vain to treat him, they just weren’t able to save him.
The time he’d had to endure lying in that ditch, must have meant he’d swallowed so much sand and mud as he would have struggled trying to free himself. The vet said it had obviously blocked his intestines.

The only comfort we can possibly take is that at least towards his end he’d had people around him who cared and he was shown love. At least he did not die all alone and suffering in that terrible ditch...
God rest his precious soul.

We, as a charity, do all we can to respond to call outs and help donkeys and horses who depend on us, sometimes in situations similar to that of this dear boy. They can and often do, lead intolerably sad and hard lives here in this region, and we dearly want to ensure that we will always be here for them. 

We cannot do that without support so please consider making a donation to help our sanctuary and rescue work continue to thrive.

Thank you... 

Horse emergency
Horse emergency
Horse emergency