Equine virus outbreak at Israel took our little Helen from us


There has very sadly been a virus outbreak in Israel that originated in the Palestinian West Bank, affecting the equine respiratory tract. On Sunday, it claimed the life of one of Lucy's little donkeys, six month old Helen, despite rigorous veterinary treatment. There are also four more of her donkeys affected, albeit with milder symptoms, but they, too, are now all on antibiotics and other respiratory medicine, under the care of the vet. We are praying the virus will be stopped in its tracks and won't affect any others and that the four donkeys being treated will not suffer and will recover as quickly as possible.


We - and no-one more so than Lucy - are heartbroken to have lost little Helen, and are praying all affected donkeys will be cured. Lucy is very experienced in dealing with and treating injuries so that she and her volunteers can mainly tend to those themselves, but more complex illnesses, such as this virus outbreak, are a different story and require a vet. Your donation can help pay the additional vet costs for treating the virus on the affected donkeys. Please click here to find out how you can donate. Thank you!


Here is a tribute from Lucy to our beloved Helen:


Our exquisite little coal, dark, velvet donkey Helen, born to mama Elsa on 18th February 2017, died on 3rd September aged just 6 months and 16 days.


Tragically she lost the battle against the lung infection, her immune system not yet fully developed to help her to fully fight it.


I write this in great sadness for this lost little life, she had so much love for us all and it seemed one minute she was her usual happy, loving self and then the next, she just suddenly deteriorated rapidly. I just thank God that she at least was born into safety and love, never knew what cruelty was, as so many, many others are forced to suffer.


He Will Take Me Back

If Death should beckon me with outstretched hand 

And shall whisper softly of 'An Unknown Land'

I shall not be afraid to go.

For though the path I do not know,

I take Death's Hand without a fear,

For He who safely brought me here

Will also take me safely back,

And though in many things I lack,

He will not let me go alone

Into the 'Valley That's Unknown'...

So I reach out and take Death's Hand

And journey to the 'Promised Land'...