Found in the middle of a busy highway - Our dear old Esther

News from Israel at Lucy’s donkey sanctuary. Dear old Esther... ♥️
Recently we received an emergency call from the Toll Highway people and local police asking for our help to rescue an elderly donkey as she was standing in the middle of the highway.
Please consider supporting our work if you can. We rescue, provide a safe home and infinite love and care for donkeys who need our help here in Israel and the Palestinian West Bank. 

The police were so concerned, mostly because they didn’t want her to be the cause of a car accident and any human injuries, that they partially closed the highway and waited with her until we could get there with our horse trailer.
She’s very old, in her twenties we think and course we took her back to our sanctuary, just in time before the heavy rain started where she pretty much immediately tucked into some tasty food as she was desperately hungry. She’s a timid, lonely little soul who far prefers her own company than that of other donkeys.

Two lovely old ladies dosing - Esther and Katy at the sanctuary
Esther on her arrival