A story with a happy ending

We were recently called to rescue two poor donkeys, a male and a female. They were being kept by some orthodox boys in a religious Jewish settlement, who had apparently bought them from some passing Bedouins. Complaints were made to municipal authorities by some of the villages' residents, about two donkeys 'running in the streets' and boys riding and mercilessly beating them.


The authorities eventually confiscated the donkeys and placed them in what they thought would be a safe place for the night, and they asked us to come the following morning to take them back to our sanctuary. Tragically though, after those donkeys had been so close to safety, the boys involved broke in overnight and took them away and nobody knew where. Many of us prayed for them to be found and my hope was that once things would quieten down, the boys might get bored and the donkeys would appear.

Two days ago the happy news: The donkeys had indeed reappeared and this time, having learned of the donkey's plight, a truly wonderful soul, a teacher named Daniel, and his little group of animal protection warrior boys, took those donkeys in and kept them safely with them until we arrived to take them back to our sanctuary. Daniel and the boys truly cared about the donkeys and were so happy that they were going to a safe sanctuary. I believe the donkeys could well be mother and son and once they've settled in, we'll need to call the vet to geld the young male.