Meet Joan, our latest rescue

Today we rescued this little girl and we've named her Joan.

One of our wonderful helpers, Galit, saw Joan being brutally beaten yet again by some young boys. Because this little donkey was in a bad state and on the border between a settlement and the Palestinian West Bank, and the boys became very angry when she tried to reason with them to stop, Galit called for the army's help to confiscate her.

It's always a terrible dilemma because with such cases, we are faced with knowing that by confiscating the donkey, the boys will just treat another donkey in exactly the same way. Yet there we are with a chance to help a particular animal, if we do nothing, all we are doing is allowing that poor soul to continue to suffer intolerably. Galit has known the boys involved, who cross the border to sell produce or collect scrap metal, for some time and this is not the first of their donkeys with which she has had to intervene. She also tried many things to encourage and befriend the boys and be kind to them, such as sometimes giving them clothes since they are poor.

In this little donkey's case, they wouldn't stop beating her and also physically threatened Galit too when she tried to stop them.

As for Joan, she is now safely back at our little sanctuary and has had all her wounds washed, cleansed and dressed with our miracle ointment. She is understandably very timid but we are sure in time, she will gain confidence once she learns that she will never be hurt again.

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