We could rescue two very poor souls - Michael and Raphael

We rescued this lovely boy, Michael, nearly 7 weeks ago, I posted a little video of his rescue story on January 15 on Facebook. Since he came to us, apart from his horrible back wound which is now very nearly all healed, we saw that he had large patches of layers of skin drying out and wanting to peel off. We didn’t want to touch it because we could see underneath it was very raw and bloody, so felt it needed to come off in its own time. However we then noticed it was starting to look infected and in a few places parts of the layers were hanging on by threads only. So our vet came to have a look and decided it was time to give the removing of it, a helping hand. He sedated dear Michael and very gently removed the offending parts and washed and cleaned the area thoroughly, giving us instructions for the ongoing treatment. 

He is healing beautifully but our vet said that the cause was because he must have been repeatedly beaten in those areas before we rescued him.


Michael came to us with his wonderful friend Raphael and apart from Raphael’s permanent injury which has left him unable to use his right back hoof, we noticed the same wounds as Michael’s, so our vet worked on him too yesterday, under sedation as it is so sore.
If you are able to make a donation, however small, to help cover the cost of our vet’s visits to help our Michael and Raphael, we would be eternally grateful. Thank you for your support.

Michael's back wound
Best friends - Michael and Raphael
Michael's wounds almost healed