Meet our youngest resident - Little fluffy Molly

Yesterday we had a totally unexpected birth at our sanctuary...
Despite being just two hours old Molly already started to jump about and frisk like a lamb, thoroughly enthralled with her new, safe, little world!

Another little one to care for... Please support our work to take care of these dear donkey souls.

One of our lovely donkeys, Grace, gave birth to Molly in the field !The most utterly beautiful and adorable fluffy little silver girl.
She’s so friendly and inquisitive, even though mama is still being very, very protective at the moment.
We have no idea though how or when Grace conceived. She has been with us since mid summer 2016....
The only thing that crossed my mind was one time, possibly it was around a year ago, when a brown donkey, a stallion showed up at our previous little sanctuary in Qalansuwa.
He was just outside our gate and of course, out of concern we took him in but as he was a stallion, we closed off a special, secure (we thought) corner for him.
After a while we were contacted by his owner, as he was looking for him. He came to us and was so thankful that we’d taken him in and he asked if the donkey could stay with us until the next day when he could come to take him, so we agreed.

I’ve always heard it said that stallion donkeys are the greatest Houdini’s when around female donkeys...
He did get out!
But it was for no more than about five minutes...but it’s probable that in that five minutes, little Molly was conceived!! I cannot think of any other way...
Except our orphan Fresco... but he was very innocent and immature and not interested in anything like that and he was gelded quite early on...
Of course being a sanctuary rescuing abused and injured donkeys, we have a strict no breeding policy.
But inevitably we occasionally rescue a donkey who has already conceived.
And it seems there can also inevitably be ‘things that aren’t meant to happen’... Thankfully though, they’re rare!

Thank you for your support ❤️