A very shy and badly abused little donkey came to us - little Moses

Moses has just come to our sanctuary, he was a very badly abused little donkey and was found being brutally beaten. We took him whilst he was still half harnessed.
He has a scarred nose from his chains and is still so afraid of people that he holds his little tail between his legs when we approach him, however calmly and slowly we try to do it.
Slowly slowly, with a lot of patience and love, he is coming round to understanding he is not going to be hurt ever again.
I can see in his gentle eyes that he can’t quite believe it when I gently touch him and bend down to talk to him softly and give him a ruffle on his neck and a little kiss.
He clearly loves being loved.
Without your critical support I would not have been able to take Moses in and give him a safe and loving home, a cosy stable, fresh straw to munch on, carrot treats and new friends.
Please make a donation to help us look after Moses and our other 36 donkeys and horses at our sanctuary.

Moses on his arrival
Moses in our sanctuary