We just rescued another little boy - Noah

Noah is an ungelded boy, but the vet will be coming in the next few days to see to that. 

He’s about 7 years old and was confiscated by the Israeli army, from his Palestinian owner when a couple of Israeli soldiers saw the donkey cowering as the man was beating him.

He’s a dear boy despite having been so badly abused and when he arrived at the sanctuary, he walked in as good as gold amidst lots of ee-oors, some welcoming, some more of a warning about who’s boss - they were more from the younger boys of course, even though they’re all gelded.

He has quite a scarred nose and has very wrinkled skin because of the multiple chains that were used to ’control’ him, but body condition wise, he is quite good. 

He comes from the same area as three of our other donkeys, Apples, Carrots and Bear.


We are here as a charity, to do everything we can to help and protect donkeys and horses who need us and we need to ensure our sanctuary will always be here to offer a safe home to those who need us, away from the dangers of this harsh world. 

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