Our Mission

  • To raise the funds necessary to maintain our sanctuary for abused, abandoned donkeys in need of help and rescue.

  • Where possible rehome donkeys with suitable owners.

  • To castrate all male donkeys and vaccinate and worm every animal in our care and ensure they have all proper veterinary and farriery care to the highest standard.

  • To keep the sanctuary very well maintained and professional and aim to open a centre for visitors.

  • To educate the public and school children regarding the plight of donkeys in Israel and the West Bank.

  • To extend and progress the project in the West Bank to provide high standards of care to working donkeys and horses and educate their owners and do all we can to instill in them an acceptance that their animals are sentient beings.

  • Work with other organisations where possible and strive to bring change and an end to cruelty and needless suffering.