We could rescue another abandoned donkey - Our dear Sika

Whilst we are under instruction not to take in any more rescues until such a time when our charity may have more substantial funding, we have recently taken in another dear male donkey and I have called him Sika in memory of a friend’s beloved donkey, Sika.

Our Sika is very old, in his twenties, and a little bit grumpy. He was rescued from the side of a road in the south of Israel, but he was wearing a head collar. A kind couple found him very late at night down in the south of the country. He had just narrowly avoided a full on collision and they thankfully somehow managed to bundle him into their van and tried calling everywhere for help. Either nobody answered or didn’t want to help but luckily in the end they found our Hebrew page for Lucy's sanctuary on Facebook which included a phone number, and this is how this little donkey was brought to us at 5am!
We think he must have belonged to somebody at some point and had perhaps been abandoned. He is not keen on other donkeys and not particularly happy with us humans, yet! So we think maybe he’s had a bit of a rough time wherever he’s been. I’m sure with time, he will change and accept us and his new friends.



Sika settled very well and is now best friend with Esther
Sika when he arrived at our sanctuary at 5 am 
Sika when he arrived at our sanctuary at 5 am