For detailed directions to our sanctuary and in order to make sure we can make time to welcome you, please call us before coming by.

00972 543 221725

Meet our lovely donkeys!

Our precious, little rescued donkey friends love cuddles and attention so much. You will not find fancy facilities or attractions at our sanctuary, but what you will find is peace, quiet and a lot of soft noses to kiss. If you would like to visit us with a school class, please contact us well in advance in order to organize the visit.

For the sake of our donkeys

Some of our donkeys are very old and others have special dietary needs so we kindly ask you not to feed them anything
without asking us. If you would like to bring them something to eat, they are always open to a fresh carrot or even to some lush
grass and thistles that you will usually (depending on the time of year) find around the sanctuary ground. Feeding the donkeys
bread, biscuits, cabbage or anything sweet can cause problems so we obviously prefer never to put them at any risk.
As most of our donkeys have suffered abuse and cruelty during their working lives they are of course here to spend
their days relaxing, so please understand that riding the donkeys is not allowed.

For your own sake

Our donkeys are very sweet and friendly animals. However, because of the fact that they have been abused and as some
are still a little timid we kindly ask that you only enter the donkey’s areas when accompanied by a member of staff.


Since we love to bring animals and people together entry to our sanctuary is completely free of charge. However, if
you do enjoy your visit and if you are able to, we would be very grateful if you could leave a donation. Thank you.

Enjoy your stay with us and our wonderful donkey friends!